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C12 Studio provides you the best services with customised design, unique digital media programs tutorials and personalized photography. In C12 studio, all the designers are aiming to serve our clints and students by combining traditional arts and all kinds of digital medias.

Fashion Designer Studio


Built for Marketing, Brand and Product  Design, bringing your ideas to life is easy with C12 studio. Enjoy a reliable, managed, design experience and collaborate easily with your team in one place. You can have design that is turned around lightning fast, is of great quality and completely price-predicable with C12 studio.

Designer's Desk


All the Programs in C12 studio combines studies in traditional arts and new media. In C12 stduio, there is a focus on artistic expression with knowledge of design and computer technical experience. All art education programs are designed to maximize student potential and develop their entrepreneurial spirit through a variety of digital media. 

Photo Studio


C12 Studio offers a wide and varying degrees of products and services to fit your photographic needs.

Our professional photographers will provide you with a unique and personalized service that suits your needs and budget.

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